No metal cutting saw is complete without the right blades and accessories to go with it. With six blade types to choose from, each with between 5 and 50 size variations available, all general and industrial sawing needs are taken care of at MACC.

With distribution centres located across the country, every blade and accessory listed on our site can be easily accessed Australia wide.


Bandsaws are considered to be capacity-type cutting machines, making them great for large volumes of work.

Featuring a horizontal blade, the cut quality is good on bandsaws, however, do keep in mind that burr does tend to be left on the edges. The blades on bandsaws are also disposable, so you can throw away an old and blunt blade and replace it with a new one with zero hassle.

Our HSS DM05 coldsaw blades are standard blades suited for general purpose metal cutting. With diameters ranging from 160 mm right up to 400 mm and between 80 and 350 teeth, the range is truly extensive.

Choose the style, cut and shape of your blade with blank coldsaw blades that can be toothed to suit your requirements. These blank blades have diameters ranging from 250 mm to 400 mm, thickness ranging from 1.6 mm and 3 mm and bore between 32 mm and 40 mm.

Get harder, stronger blades for your coldsaw with cobalt coldsaw blades. Featuring 5% cobalt content, these blades are well suited to cutting hard materials where higher temperatures are produced during the cutting process.

Our speed face coldsaw blades have a PVD coating to reduce friction and increase wear resistance. This durable coating helps to improve blade life and delivers an excellent finish to the cut metal. These blades are ideal for sawing steel that's hard to cut such as stainless steel and hard tempered steel.

Tungsten carbide tipped saw blades are top of the line, delivering superior cutting quality for your T.C.T. saw. This particular blade is well suited for cutting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our T.C.T. blades range in diameter from 230mm to 400mm with seven different blade options available.

Get the most life from your blade by choosing the right blade for the job. Ensure you have the right blade width, length, pitch and material depending on the material type and size you have to cut. Each blade is designed for a particular use. Choosing the wrong blade for your saw could cause damage to the saw and hurt the user, so speak with our team to ensure you are choosing the right blade for your cutting machine.

We sell all the saw accessories to suit your MACC bandsaws, coldsaws, T.C.T. saws and friction saws, giving you the ideal working conditions to complete your metal sawing work.

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